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Exfoliation: My skin's healthy glow

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Why do I have a dull complexion?
Some causes of a dull complexion include but are not limited to:
  • Wind, sun, humbidity, temperature changes
  • Lack of essential vitamins
  • Slow blood circulation
  • Stree and tiredness
  • Smoking 
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Eat plenty of foods rich in fatty acids (walnuts, salmon, chicken)
  • Dull complexion can be a sign of essential fat deficiency.
The best way to brighten a dull complexion is to exfoliate your face at least twice or once a week. The dead skin that is left on your skin when you do not exfoliate gives the skin the appearance of a dull and lifeless look. When you exfoliate not only do you remove dead skin cells but you also remove excess sebum tat causes the pores to clog. If you produce to much sebum and you do not exfoliate this will result in blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and acne. This clogs the sebaceous pores which results in the frequent breakouts.

How to exfoliate:
Scrub using a gentle circular motion.
Do not exfoliate your skin for more than 2 to 3 minutes.
Make sure your exfoliate is appropriate for your skin type.
Make sure it does not contain harsh chemicals.
Avoid contact with sensitive areas such as the eyes.
Do brightening face mask once or twice a week to correct pigmentation irregularities and prevent the appearance of further discolourations. This mask can be left on for about 10 to fifteen minutes.
Massage your face to improve blood circulation. This should be done every day once a day after you have rid your skin of makeup and dirt. Massaging the skin will remove the unattractive fleshiness, tightens tissues and muscles and increases blood circulation which is essential for a radiant skin.
Steam your face once a week to help loosen debris embedded in the skin. When you steam the face you widen the clogged pores and soften the skin to cleanse away impurities: traces of makeup, dust, sebum and dead skin cells.
Drink plenty of water to keep your skin and body hydrated.
Make sure that your skin is clean and well moisturize when applying your makeup products.
Exercise daily to improve blood circulation and metabolism.
Remember to exfoliate the skin after you have cleansed the skin, whether it is on your face or body. Do not over exfoliate your skin, this will allow the skin to dry and cause wrinkle development overtime.
DIY Exfoliation:
Oatmeal Scrub

2tbsp of oatmeal
2tbsp of brown sugar
¼ cup of milk
Mix into a paste and gently scrub your face, rinse and moisturize. You can also apply a toner to your face and then moisturize for better results.
Brown sugar and Honey scrub
2tbsp of brown sugar
1tbsp of honey
Mix into a thick paste and apply to face, gently massage, rinse, tone and moisturize.

Honey is a natural moisturizer, apply a thin layer of honey all over the face and wash it off with tepid after 15 minutes.

If your skin is oily you also have to moisturize, it is not just for dry skin. Skin that is moisturized regularly has fewer lines, a smooth texture, less flaking and radiates a healthy glow once taken care for. In humid weather be careful of the amount of moisturizing and when to moisturizing your skin.

Mask for your skin

A homemade mask is a great way to improve the skin; it is also a great way to relax. I highly recommend lemon juice when looking to lighten your skin as a natural alternative to even your skin tone. It works wonders. Below are a few recipes to help you get started to a healthier glow.

Lemon juice, flour, turmeric power- Mix together to form a paste, Apply all over the face, let the paste dry and then rinse. The acid in the lemon juice treat dark spots on the face. Lemon juice will also leave a tingling sensation on the face. Turmeric powder brightens the look of your skin.

Lemon Juice Mask

1tbsp rice powder
1tbsp corn flour
Few drops of lemon juice
Add water
Mix into a paste and apply all over the face, gently massaging in a circular motion, leave on for a few minutes, rinse, tone and moisturize.

I got the brown sugar recipe from themoptopmaven and she also had a great recipe for a toner it is green tea and apple cider vinegar mix together. It is as simple as make plain green tea and mixing the apple cider vinegar together in a spray bottle. When you are ready to use it just spray on the face and you’re done.

Exfoliation has helped my skin get rid of dead cells, and acne which I got throughout the summer. Using natural remedies I was able to gain my complexion back and get rid of the acne. It happened so quickly just by changing the way I cared for my skin and learning so much about my skin, and skin type I was able to see results in a few weeks. I hope this helps if you have skin problems as this may not be the end all and be all you might require more changes whether it’s your eating habits or makeup. You can find more articles Click Here

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