Monday, October 18, 2010

Dejavu Spotlight

Jg Evonne 

I love when I get the opportunity to feature amazing women on their journey who are not only inspired but inspiring many other women. Today we Spotlight Keesha Hargis for Jg Evonne, a natural whose journey has taken her to fashion and clothing design. We thank you for inspiring women and continuing to do so. Make sure to check out JGEvonne as she takes the fashion world head on and stays Natural.
  Hair Journey

When did you begin you journey to natural hair? I began my natural hair journey in August of 09. I did my big chop in April of 2010.

What are your favorite products?
I adore the Giovanni line of products as well as the Shea Moisture line. I also love the homemade leave in conditioner from Kimmaytube on YouTube.

Do you make any natural products yourself? Only recipes that I find on YouTube.

When did you fall in love with your hair?
I actually feel in love twice. The first time was about 6 months post relaxer. I started really exploring many styles and seeing an amazing amount of growth it was a very enlightening and exciting time in my hair journey. The second time was this past summer (post big chop). I just fell in love with my completely natural hair and my wonderful curls. I have HIMH (Hands in my Hair) syndrome and am always admiring the beauty of my natural hair.

Clothing and Design

How has the journey inspired your clothing line?
The journey has taught me to be patient which is a huge asset when it comes to designing and creating. Things will not always be perfect and will definitely take time. The journey has inspired me to create unique pieces and to see beauty in things that others may not see.

What advice can you give to someone wanting to design? Just do it. Everyone has to start somewhere. Being self taught, I am not going to say that learning all of the techniques in sketching and design are easy so stay focused and determined. Create things that you love! If you don’t love it, what’s the point?

Do you wear your own clothes? Oh yes! I love my creations and always wear a style before I offer it up for sale.

Where can we find and buy your clothes?
You can find my clothes on the website, or on the Facebook page

Who are your market targets for the line?
Anyone that wants to look and feel fabulous! I do have to say that at this point in time I am leaning more toward women and young ladies over men. I am able to design and create for men but it is just not my focus at the moment.


What inspires you? Many things inspire me. Lately I have been inspired by hair and fall. I know that's completely random but true. I was in the airport on my way back from business trip and I actually asked a guy to take a picture of his hair because it was so interesting and I plan on using it as a concept for a new dress. Fall is just the best season for fashion because where I live the leaves change color and the sky is such a vibrant blue in the morning, plus after catching up on the various things from fashion week all I want to do is create!
What advice can you give to naturals wanting to know how they can do more to inspire natural women? I can only speak from my experience here but my two pieces of advice are share and wear! Share your pictures, videos and style tips online so that all the up and coming naturals can benefit from your experience. We all know that the journey can be tough at times so it always helps to have mentors or people you go to for style advice and tips. Wear – what I mean by this is show it off and be proud. It took me a little while to take this leap of just wearing my natural hair out and feeling fabulous about it. When I took the leap I received so many compliments that I was instantly comfortable with being myself. It’s a great feeling!

What inspires your clothing line? My inspiration comes from many different things because this is a vibrant new company with wide open eyes. I believe that there is no need to limit the supply of inspiration to just one style or color palette. What you see is what I feel.

How did you discover your love for sewing and designing?
I was actually pregnant with my second child and decided to try and make myself a dress while on maternity leave. I fell in love with the process and especially with the sense of accomplishment that creating clothing gives me. I’ve always been into fashion so naturally I thought…why not just create my own clothing more often. Two years later here I am still in love with it and learning more every day.

Stay Beautiful Naturals
A Special Thank You to JG Evonne